Help Keep Aust Lit Up To Date

Help Keep Aust Lit Up To Date

Teaching Australian literature?: Help keep Aust Lit up to date

AustLit collects information about the teaching of Australian literature texts at universities and tertiary institutions around Australia and internationally, and links to this information from the work and author records.

At a glance, AustLit tells you:

  • how, where, and in what context, a particular text is taught
  • what degree or course the text is part of
  • which Australian texts are taught with non-Australian texts in thematically driven courses, such as nineteenth century women’s writing, popular fictions, eco-criticism, drama, life writing, etc.

So, if you’re teaching Australian texts in your university class, please send AustLit the:

  • titles of set works
  • course code and course title
  • contact details

to [email protected] or [email protected]