A.D. Hope Prize

A.D. Hope Prize

ASAL postgraduates are warmly invited to submit an essay for the A.D. Hope prize.

The A.D. Hope Prize is awarded to the best essay based on a paper presented by a postgraduate ASAL member at the 2021 ASAL conference (aka. Texts and Their Limits symposium). The essay judged the winner of the A.D. Hope Prize will also be considered for publication in the peer-reviewed Journal of the Association for the Study of Australian Literature (JASAL).

The essay you submit must be a substantial re-writing/expansion of your conference paper.  (Conference papers will NOT be accepted).  It should be the length of 4500-6000 words and be formatted in JASAL house-style.

The deadline for submissions to the A.D. Hope prize is 1st December, 2021. Please send your essay to the Chair of the judging panel, Associate Professor Fiona Morrison, and feel free to forward any questions to Tanya Dalziell.

We look forward to receiving your essay!