2022 ALS Gold Medal – Nominations now open!

2022 ALS Gold Medal – Nominations now open!

The ALS Gold Medal is awarded annually for an outstanding literary work in the preceding calendar year. The Medal was inaugurated by the Australian Literature Society, which was founded in Melbourne in 1899 and incorporated into the Association for the Study of Australian Literature in 1982.

Nominations for the 2022 ALS Gold Medal are now warmly invited. 

Terms and conditions, and submission guidelines, are available at the ALS Gold Medal website.

Selection process
The awarding of the prize is administered and judged by a panel of three judges established by ASAL.  This year the panel is chaired by Dr. Susan Midalia, and its members are Dr. Ika Willis and Dr. Carmel MacDonald Grahame.

Queries should be directed to Professor Tanya Dalziell (ASAL Prize Coordinator)