CfP: AULLA’s Triennial Conference

CfP: AULLA’s Triennial Conference


13-16 June, 2022
The 2022 AULLA Conference will be hosted by the College of Indigenous Futures, Education, and the Arts at Charles Darwin University in Darwin, from 13–16 June 2022 in the lead up to the Northern Territory Writers Festival. The conference will be both in person and online.
In The Art of Telling, Frank Kermode writes of the things that interrupt narrative sequence, or what we like to call a storyline, and it is these interruptions he calls secrets (1983). The Northern Territory is a place of its own secrets. And twenty years after Peter Falconio’s disappearance, for example, a new appeal has been made for information to help find his body. This AULLA conference invites academics from interdisciplinary backgrounds to contribute information that solves mysteries or reveals hidden secrets.

It may be that what draws many students and scholars to the study of literature, language and culture is to reflect on the historical, and ideological context of information, on how writing and its effects produces a fascination with secrets. How do texts and media both withhold and disclose answers?
AULLA invites proposals for individual papers or panels which address these questions across a broad range of textual disciplines and practices from literary and cultural studies, as well as languages, linguistics, and semiotics. We also welcome creative, theoretical, and practical research papers within both the creative arts and education.
Themes may include:

  • The lies of authors and the narrator-as-enigma
  • Secrets and crypts in nineteenth-century literary works
  • Derrida’s Topographies and his work on secrets
  • Unspeakable secrets and the psychoanalysis of culture
  • Mysteries, codes, self-censorship and privatisation
  • Periphery and invisible eeriness
  • (C)overt literary devices and fake news 
  • Scheming and scripting
  • Contamination, censorship, and banning
  • Refrain and restraint
  • Strangers and hidden authorities
  • Adaptation and the ‘new’ normal
  • Pain and tolerance
  • Sign language and tactile alphabets
  • Sadism, bonds, and ties
  • Former identities and new names
  • Magic, legend, and mystics
  • Leaks and archives
  • Language of the enemy
  • Bad translations
  • Brain washing and propaganda
  • Paranoia and hiding
  • Safety and sensitivities
  • Language and the Law  

Please submit your proposal to Dr Adelle Sefton-Rowston ([email protected]) using the subject heading AULLA 2022 together with:
1.       Title of paper
2.       250-word abstract
3.       Name, position, organisation, brief bio (100 words max)      
Deadline for abstracts is 10 December 2021.